A journey through real time...

I did my first project on real-time communications in 1997. In the past two decades I did numerous projects in this general area. In particular, these were related to voice over IP (VoIP), multimedia and web communication. As 2016 comes to an end, I reminisce my 20-year journey. I attempt to capture the gist of my projects. How my project themes and ideas evolved over time?

What are endpoint driven communication systems?

A lot of my work in the past decade has focussed on endpoint driven systems, e.g., peer-to-peer Internet telephony (P2P-SIP) [1,2] for inherent scalability/robustness, Rich Internet Applications for web video conferencing [3,4], and more recently, resource-based software architecture [5,6]. In this article, I emphasize the importance of such systems, and differentiate them from other system architectures in the context of real-time communication.

Impress.js 3D presentations on cloud, communication, WebRTC and mobile

I am really impressed by impress.js presentation framework based on CSS3. It is pretty low level, requires knowledge of HTML and CSS, and is small enough that it can stay out of your way. Others have created very impressive 3D presentations. I also did my share of 3D presentations in 2015, as various conference paper presentations, while at Avaya Labs.

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Below, I list my presentations and associated demo videos largely based on impress.js framework. When viewing a presentation, use an HTML5 capable browser such as Chrome or Safari, and please wait for it to loads completely, and the browser's loading icon to stop spinning, before doing the slide show.