SIP-using-P2P vs P2P-over-SIP

I recently saw the video of IETF 64, P2P-SIP Ad hoc meeting. Some of the interesting points from the "SIP based vs DHT based approaches" are as follows: There are two components in P2P+SIP, namely Maintenance (of P2P/DHT) and Lookup (for sending SIP message). In the first SIP-based approach, both the components use SIP, whereas in DHT-based approach, both the components are done using the P2P protocol directly. The first approach just requires resolver-like library in the application, and usage of SIP is incidental. In the second, SIP is overloaded with additional functionality of maintaining the DHT/P2P network.

An intermediate approach is much better, where the DHT maintenance is done using the DHT/P2P protocol (instead of overloading SIP with that), and the lookup is done using SIP (by sending the call request to the next hop node in the P2P network). This gives rise to a P2P-SIP proxies model where the SIP proxies use P2P algorithm to locate the user and proxy the SIP request to the next hop based on the P2P lookup. This differs slightly from the first approach in that this doesn't require the caller node to lookup the user on P2P network before sending the SIP call request. The caller uses its local structures (such as finger table for Chord), locates the next hop and proxies the call request to the next hop. The intermediate approach takes the advantage of SIP-based model, as well as preseves the simplicity of DHT-based approach.

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