Welcome to 39 peers!

I have launched an open-source project named "39 peers". From the web site:

"The 39 Peers project aims at implementing an open-source peer-to-peer Internet telephony software using the Session Initiation Protocol (P2P-SIP) in the Python programming language. The software is still incomplete -- especially the P2P part.

Peer-to-peer systems inherently have high scalability, fault tolerance and robustness against catastrophic failures because there is no central server and the network self-organizes itself. Internet telephony can be an application of peer-to-peer architecture where the participants locate and communicate with each other without relying on expensive or managed service providers. 39 peers project is an attempt to provide a open source and free-for-all peer-to-peer network targeted towards open standards based real-time communication.

The 39 peers project is developed for student developers and researchers to experiment with new ideas. It is written in Python scripting language. It supports open protocols such as IETF SIP and RTP. It is licensed under GNU/GPL license."

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