Project ideas in P2P-SIP

This article lists some project ideas related to P2P-SIP. Feel free to contact me if you are a student interested in the project. For general networking and multimedia related project topics please visit
  1. Survey of techniques for P2P VoIP: The project is a study project that surveys several existing P2P VoIP systems such as Skype, Gtalk, and several proposals in IETF P2P-SIP working group. The questions to answer are what are the best practices, what works, what doesn't, what has been implemented and tested, how do they compare with respect to scalability, robustness and security. Instead of comparing the whole systems, it is better to compare one function at a time, e.g., network maintenance, lookup, signup, etc. Clearly a critical and objective analysis is more useful than saying A is better than B.
  2. Implement Reload: Implement the current version of IETF P2P-SIP WG internet-draft You may reuse the core p2p, dht and rfc3261 modules of the 39 peers project. The goal is to implement the core functions that allows incorporating external DHT algorithm, authentication as well as transport. I have a few suggestions to simplify the draft and hence the implementation. Language: Python.
  3. P2P Simulator: Build a peer-to-peer network simulator in Python that implements various structured and unstructured algorithms. Related work includes p2psim, oversim and peersim. This project will build several modules to allow a developer to quickly put together an implementation of a P2P algorithm, view it graphically, and see the impact of various parameters. You should be able to support nodes behind NAT and firewall in your simulator, incorporate security and analyze the performance. Language: Python

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