Introducing rtclite

We have attempted to unify our diverse Python based projects related to SIP, RTP, XMPP, RTMP, REST, etc., into a single theme of real-time communication (RTC). In particular, we have migrated the relevant source code from other projects to the new "rtclite" project after cleanup and refactoring. Moving forward, any new functionality related to Python implementations of real-time communication protocols and applications will be done in this new project.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to evolve this project, migrate or fix issues/comments,  and deprecate the previous older projects. 

I will also write blog posts here  to introduce various specific modules and how they are used in real world in the new few weeks.

From the project page at (currently forwards to

"Light-weight implementations of real-time communication protocols and application in Python

This project aims to create an open source repository of light weight implementations of real-time communication (RTC) protocols and applications. In a nutshell, it contains reference implementations, prototypes and sample applications, mostly written in Python, of various RTC standards defined in the IETF, W3C and elsewhere, e.g., RFC 3261 (SIP), RFC 3550 (RTP), RFC 3920 (XMPP), RTMP, etc."
We encourage all users of my open source projects to visit this new project, and if possible migrate your applications to use this new project.


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